James A.
Photographer & Videographer

Cancellation policy: Strict

Languages: English

I'm an experienced professional photographer based out of the Dallas, Fort Worth, TX area. I frequently travel to Las Vegas and throughout the country. I have over six years of photography and video experience specializing in event, wedding, and corporate photography. After graduating with a degree in Accountancy, I headed right into the world of corporate financial services to pursue a career as a Certified Public Accountant. My passion for photography and the sense of adventure continued to push me towards a new endeavor. Creating art through my photography is unmatched by any other feeling, and once I began to pursue my passion, I never looked back. When working with individuals or groups for portraits or events, I engage them in real-time to draw out their unique personalities and style. I provide encouraging feedback so that they are comfortable throughout the entire process. Sessions should be an enjoyable experience that also produces fantastic shots. In addition to being a photographer, I also produce videos for clients and run a YouTube channel. I enjoy backpacking and hiking and most notably completed a 200-mile section of the John Muir Trail, located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

James A.
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