Devlin S.

Cancellation policy: Flexible

Languages: English

On a given night (before Covid, of course) you could catch me snapping socialites at a gala at the Opera House, and later that night we might bump into each other navigating the sweaty dance floor at The Powerhouse, camera at the ready (if that was your scene, of course). It‘s this dichotomy that captured my heart when I moved to San Francisco seven years ago, and which keeps me enchanted every time I pick up my camera. With a New York trained eye for fashion and drama, I’ve turned my focus in this strange new world to shooting the moments that make us grateful. Portraits, Elopements, and Sexy Situations have kept me inspired. In all my work, I prioritize documenting and showcasing LGBTQ+ and BIPOC voices and bodies. Everyone is trying to find their place in this current moment. I am eager to photograph you, your family, your nuptials, your business, your listings, or your sensuality, but know that when you work with me I capture YOU. I look forward to connecting with you.

Devlin S.
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